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Step-by-Step on how to Install RPG Maker 2003

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Ok, I am making this because a lot of people have
asked me how to install this program. This is the RM2K3 translation
by Alerith and Soulfang available from

Step 1:

Download the main editor and install it. Keep the install
path the same as what it gives you.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Step 2:

Download the four RTP parts. They are in .zip format
to begin with, then when unzipped there is a .rar file inside,
so you will need WinRar

Now unzip the four RTP setup files into your Enterbrain folder.

Click the thumbnail to enlarge.

Step 3:

Double click the RTP setup file part 1 and unrar it. When the
Winrar screen opens, there is a .exe file inside (See thumbnail) double
click the .exe file and the RTP install screen should appear.
Install the RTP files into the  Enterbrain/RPG2003 foler.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

Step 4:

Open the RPG Maker 2003 editor and happy gaming.

If you have any problems with this please email me.